Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All university enrolment systems hate me.

I realised that obviously I don't have to put the date and time up here because the internet is magical and does it for me.

Anyway, I went to apply to VTAC again today. For those who don't know, that's the system I have to use to apply for university in Australia. They sent me an email saying that they had fixed whatever problem I was having with it last time, so I felt brave enough to have a go. Well yes, the course application thing worked fine, but I wanted to look at the scholarship application page also. Do you think this worked at all? Of COURSE NOT. And then of course I realised that I was actually going to have to pay for this, and I don't actually have any money, so I gave up and made a cup of tea instead.

This is a rather familiar situation. Back in 2008, I had to brave the woes of nDeva, the University of Auckland's horrible sadistic excuse for an enrolment program. I don't know what kind of sick, twisted person was behind this, but making life easier for struggling first-years was definitely not at the top of their agenda. Thinking about it, it was probably someone like me. But anyway, exactly the same thing happened - I shouted at it for a while, tore out my hair, and then gave up and went to make a cup of tea.

Why do universities make things so horribly difficult? Do they want us to hate the place before we even start? Well of course they do. They'd be doing things wrong otherwise. I swear to god, using nDeva is more challenging than my actual degree. I think you should get course points for successfully enrolling for a semester. It'd be more beneficial than doing *lowtone* gen ed.

But at least there is one bright side this time. Even though I don't get any government benefits over here, at least I don't have to deal with fucking CENTRELINK. I don't think I can handle going through that. I'm still recovering from my woeful experiences with Studylink. I think the government should start rehabilitation programs for those poor souls who have been forced to deal with such a gigantic heap of shit.

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